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Influential integration

It’s inspiring to see how people with disabilities are getting the chance to display their talents on stage or present their art to a...

Striking balance

Broader perspective

Family balance

Promoting perception

Absorbed separation

Plant secretions are a useful source of energy. Inspired by photosynthesis, a research team from Lausanne has developed leaf-like electrodes which, powered by solar...

Variety blossoms

Collective change

Audible recognition

A computer game is raising childrens’ awareness of diabetes. Now, using smartphones, a research team from Washington University has developed a low-cost hearing screening...

Playful revelation

Profound personalisation

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Structured simplicity

Magnetic nanoparticles can extract lithium from industrial wastewater. And a research team in Princeton has developed a material which can remove salt and microplastics...

Safe diversion

Birds base their flight path on the earth's magnetic field. Meeting a wind turbine en route, however, is unfortunate for both bird and turbine....

Adjusted distribution

Substantial crowds can support sustainability. Large quantities of data stored in the cloud, however, can cause high CO2 emissions. By 2025, almost 50% of...

Improving provision

Encounters in the virtual world can have a major impact in reality. Now, a Hamburg startup is using mixed reality to improve provision in...

Effective swing

Implants can be nourished by the body's store of glucose, while batteries can be powered by air moisture. Now, using an A5-sized device, a...

Sustainable extension

Not everyone needs to wait so long for a hair appointment thanks to a Toronto startup. But those using hair extensions are often obliged...

Beating the odds

Creamy ice-cream and nutrient-rich milk alternatives have been made without animal products for years. Recently, a team of researchers from Copenhagen University has been...

Luxurious alternative

Fish remains could replace the plastic used in packaging and clothes. Snakes, crocodiles and lizards are reared in animal farms to meet the luxury...

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Influential integration

Striking balance

Playful revelation

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