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Extraordinary appearance

Children grow up knowing what they want to be. Many end up realizing their dreams. Take this young man from Leeds, for example. Born...

New kinship

Giving credit

Instructive connection

Network of assets

Relieving imitation

Plant-based alternatives are all the rage. Just take a look here. Now a startup from Chicago has developed vegan fish that could even be...

Permanently low

Wash this space

Safe release

A tear in vacuumed packaging is irritating. But excess air in your body is dangerous. A stab wound, say, can result in air leaking...

Pain-free reconstruction

Game strength

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Hairy energy

Surplus food can always be frozen. Excess solar or wind energy could be stored as heat. Now, a startup from New Zealand is developing...

Heavenly purification

Fresh air, also when cycling, keeps us healthy. Now, an engineering student from India has founded a startup so that his compatriots can benefit...

Targeted attraction

Some things try to resist detection. Like uranium residue in water. Now, a chemistry student from Ireland has developed a system that removes microplastic...

Maximum exchange

In the kitchen, salt can be replaced with various spices. The same principle applies to materials used for storing electric energy. Take graphene made...

Downsizing with impact

Vitamins can’t be seen with the naked eye, but they are still good for our bodies. According to a study conducted at the University...

Organized fun

We learn best through play. With IT knowledge becoming ever more important, an American software developer has devised a workbook to help children of...

Sustainably blue

Did you know that most people can distinguish between approximately 200 different colours? Jeans are usually blue, and now, thanks to a research team...

Step by step

Some days we’re on our feet from morning until night without a break. Energy we could be using, according to a 14-year-old teenager from...

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Extraordinary appearance

Organized fun

New kinship

Giving credit

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