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Preservation without borders

A computer-controlled hand is removing barriers for the deaf-blind community. And now a research team from Queensland University has developed an app that promotes...

Fair growth

Trusted styles

Revitalising treatment

Implanted visual cells help the retina regenerate. Now, a Brazilian marine biologist is working on regenerating entire coral landscapes. Her secret? Probiotics. As well...

Blooming business

Timely protection

Powerful breakthrough

Vibrations could help us learn, while sound waves stimulate bone cell growth. Now, a research team from Michigan University has developed a strong, microsecond-length...

Stable connection

Bridging the gap

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Capturing conversion

Heat turns banana and orange peel into energy-rich material. Renewable energy can be stored in heated carbon blocks. Now, a research team at MIT...

High-performing imitation

Using the human body as a model for electronic inventions isn’t restricted to the field of data storage. Now, a research team from Washington...

Reductive reaction

This food seemingly appears out of thin air. Alongside CO2, methane is a significant factor in global warming. Now, a Californian company has finalised...

Enhanced welfare

Recently, an unusual album stormed the Australian charts. Now, an international research team has been focusing their attention on a species which, according to...

Magic shed

Space debris could be cleaned and radioactive uranium removed from water. Solar modules - especially in the desert - need to be dusted regularly...

International space

With the right search engine, people with disabilities can check their holiday destinations in advance. A Spanish startup is helping Erasmus students find accommodation...

Astronomic neutrality

Hemp is versatile; fungi helps us relax. The latter are also crucial in meat-free food production. A biotech startup from Buenos Aires recently won...

Hard stuff

Beer can be converted to electricity, waste from tequila production into compostable cutlery. Alcoholic drinks can be intoxicatingly sustainable. Now a startup from Dundee...

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