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Included strength

Breathing exercises with a special ball reduce stress and anxiety. Sport has numerous psychological benefits. But being able to train is not a given....

Pleasant extract

Human mathematics

Returning chance

Personal identification

Resourceful exchange

In India, leaves are being converted to fertiliser and farm stubble used to make packaging material - instead of being burned. Organic waste can...

Sealed step

Shred to put on

Constructive closure

The right scaffold can improve deteriorating eyesight. If a heart valve stops working, it’s usually replaced. One made from animal tissue might only last...

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Reactive conversion

Sustainable food can be conjured out of thin air. Now a Hamburg-based startup has used CO2 to manufacture oil alternatives. CO2 is placed in...

Continental score

Image analysis can find hidden ruins or save elephants’ lives. But that’s just the start. A female-led startup in Nairobi is using satellite images...

Frugal function

Security labels without silicon can prevent theft. Still, no electronic sensor functions without a wireless connection. The power supply required for such devices has...

Feather-bed substitute

Waste from apple juice production improves chickens’ health. When they die, chicken feathers are generally burned. This fact gave an international research team from...

Beaming security

With a simple box, cars could be safe from theft. Tags on consumer goods are increasingly fitted with an integrated wireless module, which triggers...

Collective spectacle

Sweet coffee cups provide a solution to throwaway culture. Coffee grounds, meanwhile, are an effective substitute in the construction industry. And as a startup...

Colourful salvation

Seaweed can be used as a fire retardant. In Berlin, meanwhile, a female designer has developed a thin algae-based film and coated it with...

Asymmetrical comfort

Artificial body parts can be tailor-made for extra comfort. For women who have had mammary tissue removed because of cancer, there are bras with...

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