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Companies can increase diversity virtually or by honing their online presence. Now, a German company is throwing its weight behind face-to-face contact by bringing...

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Natural winner

Documenting fish stocks makes commercial fishing more sustainable. But certain organisms such as fast-growing algae create havoc for aquatic ecosystems. They deprive fish of...

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Successful removal

Fasting can help our nerves to regenerate. Now a research team from Tel Aviv University has removed glioblastoma, a nasty type of brain tumour,...

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Energetic extract

Wine and shrimps are an ideal combination, particular in connection with chitin. These carbohydrates from crustacean shells aren’t just suitable for conserving foods; their...

Healthy home

In hospitals a good night’s sleep is key to recovery. In order to keep bees healthy meanwhile, a US startup has developed a smart...

Stabilising solution

Solar module dust can be removed as if by magic. But storage is key to expedite clean energy use. Now, an Australian startup is...

Accelerating addition

Waste heat from houses or hot water pipes can be converted into electricity. Fermenting food waste is already used to produce hydrogen. Now, an...

Having a gas

Leftover food can be shared with neighbours, while discarded items can be reused for solar modules. Now, a Californian startup isn’t just converting household...

Incremental development

New beaches are being made from old glass bottles, while egg shells morph into tiles for home. Now an LA startup is using recycled...

Natural spin

Willow- and banana plant fibres are already making their way in the fashion industry. Now, a Dutch startup is using some of the 72...

Realised reduction

Biodegradable jeans decompose fully within 6 months. And now, two parents from Oregon have developed baby shoes that dissolve in boiling water. Like these...

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