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Lovely liberation

Modern tests for mosquito sprays use an artificial hydrogel skin. The effectiveness of new medication, meanwhile, can be analysed without harming animals. But animal...

Attaching activities

Preventative update

Included strength

Pleasant extract

Speedy illumination

Fish remains are a good source of bioplastics. Jellyfish, meanwhile, could soon be an unlikely ally for police officers up and down the country....

Protective scent

Resourceful exchange

Releasable contact

Self-dissolving medical aids can heal external wounds or restore defective heart valves. Now, using the body’s natural mechanisms, a Canadian-based research team has developed...

Salving shells

Exemplary comparison

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Calculable base

Future high-efficiency computer chips could be made using honey; while supercapacitors could lower CO2 levels. To reduce electronic waste, an Austrian science team has...

Recognisable proximity

Some fish perceive their surroundings in the dark. Now, a Chinese-South Korean research team has developed a sensor that can recognise nearby objects without...

Circular caption

Dusting solar modules can be a magical move. Now, a Turkish-based research team is experimenting with a more efficient way of turning sunlight into...

Reactive conversion

Sustainable food can be conjured out of thin air. Now a Hamburg-based startup has used CO2 to manufacture oil alternatives. CO2 is placed in...

Continental score

Image analysis can find hidden ruins or save elephants’ lives. But that’s just the start. A female-led startup in Nairobi is using satellite images...

Snappy style

Outgrown sustainable children’s shoes dissolve when cooked. A short hairstyle can be transformed with environmentally-friendly extensions. But making bespoke clothing more sustainable presents a...

Turning the tables

Some jeans can be composted after use. Yet, in the Netherlands, a design and furniture company is investing in the circular economy, having developed...

Collective spectacle

Sweet coffee cups provide a solution to throwaway culture. Coffee grounds, meanwhile, are an effective substitute in the construction industry. And as a startup...

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Lovely liberation

Speedy illumination

Protective scent

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