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Cultural future

A community is helping stateless people overcome personal and professional challenges. In modern-day Canada only around 1% of Indigenous peoples work in the technical...

Native resources

Focussed round

Easing elements

Capital aid

Nutritious proximity

Taking mushrooms straight from the parking lot into the kitchen is a practical solution. Along similar lines, a startup in the Vancouver area is...

Registered tracking

Economically equipped

Home function test

Thanks to innovative lung models, testing new medication on animals could soon be ancient history. Human lungs are usually examined by X-ray or ultrasound...

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Powerful percent

Coffee grounds make for stronger cement. Other types of waste are increasingly popular too. (Using wine residue?) a Toronto-based startup is extracting nanocrystals from...

Imitated focus

Some glasses automatically adjust focus between near and distant objects. Many birds can see for miles while still recognising their immediate environment. Their retinas...

Beneficial release

Used, starch-based juice bottles dissolve in water. If only recycling printed circuit boards (PCBs) from plastic and glass fibre were as easy. Enter a...

Clean search

Interbreeding plants intelligently helps to create new GMO-free food products. In some parts of the world, clean drinking water is also in short supply....

Calculable base

Future high-efficiency computer chips could be made using honey; while supercapacitors could lower CO2 levels. To reduce electronic waste, an Austrian science team has...

Timely insights

For smaller retailers, gaming solutions can help entice in-store customers. Now, a Canadian startup is building a community especially for watch enthusiasts in a...

Fruitful impact

Records from sugarcane are good for the environment. Chocolate, meanwhile, is good for our mood - even if too much sugar is unhealthy. But...

Legalising light

Animals don’t have to die for exotic leather products. It is, however, perfectly legal to use tusks from extinct mammoths for making luxury wood...

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Cultural future

Native resources

Tactical calculation

Economically equipped

Beneficial release

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