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Connecting with like-minded people is important. Now, thanks to a new platform launched by an Atlanta-based startup, women from the LGBTQ community can do...

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Working together, ants can achieve great things and are actually stronger than many larger animals. Following their lead, a Norwegian-based startup has developed a...

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If you’re driving in the rain, you need your windscreen wipers to work. Maintaining a clear view is equally important for any surgery involving...

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Visionary view

Tinted car windows provide privacy for those inside. Still, being able to recognise someone in the dark can help save lives. Infrared technology plays...

Healthy treatment

We use around 46,500 liters of water per year. Most of it winds up in wastewater treatment plants. Now a research team at the...

Fluffy protection

Nature likes to package its gifts itself. Thus, bananas and potatoes come with their peel, which in time forms part of the natural cycle....

Next round

Whether it’s breathing new life into old clothes or making art from chopsticks, the circular economy is all the rage. Now a Dutch startup...

Systematic unmasking

There’s information about everything online. The weather, our health, even the upcoming elections. But how do we know it’s reliable? A team based at...

Secret culinary delights

Until recently cucumbers and watermelon were the foods with the highest water content. Now an Italian team of researchers has compiled a book about...

Airy composition

Gyro Gearloose was famous for his inventions. Take the amazing bread-buttering machine. How owls might have inspired him is anyone’s guess. Cue the latest...

Original presentation

For many things, people only want original designs. Think perfume or car parts. Or fashion. Cue a charitable organisation dedicated to the preservation of...

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Spice of life

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