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Family balance

People with disabilities and chronic illnesses or women from the LGBTQ community can already access support in their professional lives. Now, a Romanian startup...

Promoting perception

Standing role

Advantageous appreciation

Visible improvement

Clever on paper

Farm stubble, sawdust, and corn flakes are valuable resources for packaging material. Now, a Ukrainian startup is turning to nature’s other gifts to help...

Leading the charge

Selective spin

Profound personalisation

In Nigeria, mothers can obtain no-strings support to help them prepare for birth, while a special lab in Canada is looking after the health...

Optimal output

Regulated respite

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Adjusted distribution

Substantial crowds can support sustainability. Large quantities of data stored in the cloud, however, can cause high CO2 emissions. By 2025, almost 50% of...

Improving provision

Encounters in the virtual world can have a major impact in reality. Now, a Hamburg startup is using mixed reality to improve provision in...

Effective swing

Implants can be nourished by the body's store of glucose, while batteries can be powered by air moisture. Now, using an A5-sized device, a...

Converted contortion

Cycling into the wind can be illuminating. A collection of small wind turbines in the ocean may generate electricity for entire towns. Using the...

Material charge

Body heat and sweat generated through sport can be useful. Now, a research team in Singapore has found a way of producing electricity from...

Literal connection

Technology skills can be acquired early through play. Now, with its new app, a Dutch startup is supporting an important area of education in...

In-house administration

Restoring old furniture and selling the recycled product online is easy with the right platform. Users can even catalogue their wardrobes on their phones....

Heated atmosphere

Sand retains its warmth for months, just as white-hot heat can generate electricity. Now a venue manager from Glasgow has discovered another means of...

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Standing role

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Material charge

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