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Sweet pattern

Spoons can be savoured and coffee cups crunched. Now, a woman with Down’s Syndrome and her startup are making life for Americans and Canadians...

Collective remedy

Clean back-up

Complimentary service

Influential integration

Monthly enablement

Sustainable rucksacks and bananas stem from the same tree. Now a young female founder in Nigeria is using banana fibre, organic cotton and cassava...

Passing exchange

Second wind

Stimulating solution

Laser light can soothe burned skin. Wounds need to be closed as quickly as possible to avoid becoming infected, a particular challenge for diabetes...

Decisive detection

Robust treatment

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Self-sufficient treatment

Sporting activities reduce cancer cells in our bodies and power our fitness trackers. Purifying wastewater, however, requires a lot of energy - or does...

Agreeable replacement

A smartphone can help detect the Zika virus. But research into how mosquitoes spread diseases is disagreeable for living test objects and both expensive...

Steamy illumination

A natural alternative to single-use plastic was inspired by spiders. Now, an international research team from India and the US has turned its attentions...

Cool compensation

Maintaining a low room temperature can reduce MS symptoms. During chemotherapy, meanwhile, a cool head can - literally - help prevent hair loss. The...

Structured simplicity

Magnetic nanoparticles can extract lithium from industrial wastewater. And a research team in Princeton has developed a material which can remove salt and microplastics...

Perfect encapsulation

Edible construction material may soon be on everyone’s lips. Now, an Italian-Ecuadorian design team is producing versatile new materials using agricultural waste from cocoa...

Tasty stability

Steel can be replaced by bamboo and tiles made with bacteria. Now, a Japanese research team is converting food waste into biodegradable construction material,...

Inked in

Fire retardants and soft drinks can help reduce CO2 levels. Why? Because they are made from algae. Now, a US startup is using the...

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Monthly enablement

Perfect encapsulation

Tasty stability

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Influential integration

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