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A robot shapes dresses. If we ourselves don’t feel in great shape, perhaps because we are experiencing stress, a special ball can help us...

Capital aid

Protective sorting

Accommodating connection

Lovely liberation

Cherished savings

In Italy, tomatoes have a life after dinner. Chocolate is another cherished Italian staple. Yet, instead of using cocoa, a regional startup began looking...

Cultivated agents

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Elevating removal

Internal wounds could be closed by a robot with an integrated 3D-printer. Sometimes, however, a blood transfusion is required. Here, blood type and Rh...

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Beneficial release

Used, starch-based juice bottles dissolve in water. If only recycling printed circuit boards (PCBs) from plastic and glass fibre were as easy. Enter a...

Clean search

Interbreeding plants intelligently helps to create new GMO-free food products. In some parts of the world, clean drinking water is also in short supply....

Calculable base

Future high-efficiency computer chips could be made using honey; while supercapacitors could lower CO2 levels. To reduce electronic waste, an Austrian science team has...

Recognisable proximity

Some fish perceive their surroundings in the dark. Now, a Chinese-South Korean research team has developed a sensor that can recognise nearby objects without...

Circular caption

Dusting solar modules can be a magical move. Now, a Turkish-based research team is experimenting with a more efficient way of turning sunlight into...

Legalising light

Animals don’t have to die for exotic leather products. It is, however, perfectly legal to use tusks from extinct mammoths for making luxury wood...

Joy squared

Old furniture can find a new home. And, thanks to a London-based startup, children’s cuddly toys needn’t end up in the trash either. The...

Resounding report

Anomalies in network traffic can be detected musically. Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) can be devastating too, turning entire coastal areas red and tourists away...

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