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Personal identification

Biodegradable pantyliners are not just good for nature. Bacteria and microbes present in menstrual blood provide information about women’s gynaecological health. Which is why...

Moving control

Tailored elevation

Matching potential

Moving motivation

Naturally placed

Haute couture made from hair is a distinct possibility. Wool, meanwhile, isn’t just suitable for winter jumpers. The proof? Look no further than this...

Sweet saturation

Charging connection

Brushing up acceptance

Skin cancer can be treated with a special soap. Peanut allergies are a serious business, too, and a New York-based researcher has been investigating...

Clean healing

Mineral protection

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Feather-bed substitute

Waste from apple juice production improves chickens’ health. When they die, chicken feathers are generally burned. This fact gave an international research team from...

Beaming security

With a simple box, cars could be safe from theft. Tags on consumer goods are increasingly fitted with an integrated wireless module, which triggers...

Constructive alternatives

A toilet break on Mars could be a constructive use of astronauts’ time. And it isn’t just human urine that’s suitable as building material....

Film effect

Sawdust combined with a layer of tannic acid is helping to make water clean. Now, a US-based research team has, likewise, used tannic acid...

Harmless collection

Illuminated nets are helping to reduce bycatch. On land, in countries like Peru, Bolivia or Oman, nets are hung to catch water droplets from...

Seasoned connection

Curcumin is just as effective as chemical agents against stomach acid and heartburn. That plant-based substances have anti-inflammatory properties is well known. According to...

Dry run

Oyster shells are becoming fashionable. Materials made from willow fibres even protect against harmful UV rays. Now, a former female Masters student in Germany...

Classical composition

Neurodivergent teachers are taking centre stage; as are members of the homeless community. Diversity is an increasingly important theme in the creative sector. For...

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Naturally placed

Clean healing

Charging connection

Classical composition

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