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Extended inclusion

A doctorate is enabling the future leaders to develop empathetic innovation strategies. Leading to equal opportunities in the workplace and a sense of belonging...

Educational creativity

Cultural provision

Flash forward

Tandem instruction

Protective use

Agave waste from tequila production can be turned into cutlery. Once the gel from aloe vera plants has been made into moisturising lotion or...

Powerful mix

Fruity protection

Binding reaction

Sawdust can be 3D printed into kitchen utensils or cars parts. Now, a Canada-based research team has found a new use for the waste...

Nigh on target

Natural power

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Harmless collection

Illuminated nets are helping to reduce bycatch. On land, in countries like Peru, Bolivia or Oman, nets are hung to catch water droplets from...

Potent conversion

Crab and shrimp shells can be made into biodegradable components for batteries. Whereas, after breeding their larvae - which, it turns out, are rather...

Cutting-edge solution

Flexible wood walls make for flat alterations without the rubble. Strong adhesive tape, on the other hand, can cause scrapes and surface tears once...

Touching collaboration

Harvesting coconuts automatically would be a safer alternative to climbing. When it comes to cheese production, robots can lend a helping hand too. But...

Protective wear

Maze-like paths keeps insects away from plants. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they are also carriers of disease. Sometimes simple concepts are the best. An...

Landscape legacy

Donations left by a desert robot could help create an oasis. The same cannot be said, however, for humans leaving their “mark” and their...

Rewarding commitment

Weak taste buds can be amplified. Meanwhile, a Colorado-based startup is working with companies to support their employees in making dietary choices, lowering health...

Connecting position

Restaurants and travel destinations can be filtered according to holidaymakers’ mobility requirements. Some, meanwhile, look for places where they can meet like-minded people. Now,...

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Protective use

Nigh on target

Fruity protection

Flash forward

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