Visionary value

$1.90 – for many that sum equates to the price of a takeaway coffee. But for a growing number of people it represents the...



Notice solved

In our digital world it is paramount that information is readily available when it needs to be. But displays are electronic waste, and need...

Warmed over

As it grows colder and darker things can quickly become uncomfortable, particularly in older houses. Crumbling plaster means saying ‘goodbye’ to cozy. To date...

Daily grind

What smells do we associate with morning? For many it will be the scent of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. But where do...

Life Science

Good looks

Imagine driving in a snowstorm without windscreen wipers. That’s how it feels to live with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) every day. The condition, which...

Backed up

Receiving support from others is a basic human need. But some require it more than others. Those carrying long-term spinal cord injuries will be...

Heavy lifting

Maintaining healthy muscles can help keep our weight, blood-sugar and cholesterol levels in check. But what about those who are unable to exercise because...

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Tasty Treats

All fours

They say a human’s best friend is hairy and four-legged. Dogs are loyal animals, and it breaks our hearts to see them lose the...

Clever masters

Films like Terminator or I, Robot have explored the possibility that technology created by humans might one day turn against us. Now, with its...

Round the clock

The world doesn’t switch off, and more than ever we need innovative solutions for sustainable energy. Can the sun’s energy be used to generate...

Silent night

Bed rest doesn’t always make you feel rested. Nighttime rounds in hospitals can interrupt patients’ sleep and create additional stress for already overburdened medical...

Under pressure

Who would have thought that plain old air could offer a solution to climate change? All that’s needed is to liquify it. A British...

Total recall

We’ve all been there, right? Not Mars but planet Brainfreeze. We pass someone on the street who seems to know us, but we can’t...

Green wing

Green living – it’s an attractive proposition for many. All the more so if it helps to reduce CO2 emissions. A sustainably run hotel...

Junking means flunking

Ambition is fueled by creativity. Remember the emperor’s new clothes? Over the years the fashion world has invested more in sustainable concepts and stated...

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