Inspirational appetizers with curated news on startups, emerging trends and bleeding-edge research

The Purpose

What drives us

A creative space and innovation platform serving a global community: our purpose is to drive sustainable innovation, foster diversity and inclusion and create ethical applications in technology. As a start, we capture the essence of independently researched positive news on technology, diversity, sustainability, and ethics from around the world and serve it to you as an inspiring appetizer.

Why do we do this? For these four reasons:


It’s time for fine facts. Technology plays a crucial role in how businesses, society, and environment evolve today. Which innovation is ethical and how can technology serve people and planet? What needs to be done to make sure that everybody will have equal opportunities? There are many news sources, and it can be overwhelming to find answers to questions like these. That’s why we scan and curate information on positive developments worldwide. Sustainability, diversity, and ethics are our main filters. Then, we create an entertaining essence for you. Because who doesn’t like good news?


Instead of you searching for positive news, inspiration is delivered right to you. On this website. And into your inbox – each Friday. Just another news site, you might say. Not quite, we say. Why are we different? Because we cater to your senses, playing with imagination and words to tickle your curiosity. While technology plays a big role, we also look at ways how to balance it and lead a more fulfilling life. Chillipicks are researched facts wrapped in an entertaining read: connecting information with emotion. All aimed at inspiring you and making you feel good after reading.


You are among the people who are interested in solutions that benefit people, pets, plants, and our planet. By delivering information in an emotionally engaging way our goal is to provide a path to increased lateral thinking. Because knowledge on how to use technology for the greater good is essential to solving challenges, creating fair-balanced opportunities for everybody, and enabling sustainable prosperity for future generations. And innovative solutions require divers thinking minds like you – all while considering the impact on society and environment. We want to support you in looking even further beyond the obvious and create ideas, find a solution at work, or start your own business.


Have you ever been to a social event where you found yourself talking to a person you did not know and all of a sudden there is this awkward silene? Pleasantries and news on the weather have been exchanged. Business-wise you both don’t share much common ground. Personal details are out of the question. Now what? Chillipicks provide you with a multitude of inspiring topics. All in a short and spicy way – just like a full-flavored appetizer a friend hands you at a cocktail party to kick-off warm-hearted conversations.