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The Team

Meet the people who are passionate about inspiring you

Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky

Founder & Editor in Chief

Britta is a strategic mind and business engineer who’s been at the frontline of technology for the past 25 years. She is passionate about driving innovation that fosters diversity, sustainability, and ethics. The alps and nature are her biggest source of creativity. Britta also loves to pick her home-grown chilis, from Jalapenos to Carolina Reapers.

Niall Sellar


Niall has had various professional incarnations, almost all of which have involved language or languages. He has taught German, English and French in different educational settings, but his real passion is translation, which he maintains is a form of alchemy. Just don't ask him about chemistry...

Lisa Holthaus


Lisa works as a writer and filmmaker. She appreciates the variety of different projects, and a sharp mind. Topics on sustainability are her favorite topics. In her private life,she is constantly working on minimizing her footprint and developing herself on all levels.

Monika Mikac

Advisory Board Member Business

Monika is a strategic business professional with many electrifying abilities. As CBO of QEV Technologies she’s instrumental in accelerating the company’s continued success by convincing clients and investors. With her team spirit, ingenious dedication and perseverance that Monika already showed as COO and founding member of Rimac Automobili she is an inspiration and role model to all.

Gerhard Tikovsky

Advisory Board Member Strategy

Gerhard has a good sense – of both humans and humor. One of his best qualities is to challenge ideas and make the team refine them until they make sense. When it comes to chilis Gerhard is a bit picky. Wherever he goes there’s at least one habanero mix in his pockets.

Thorsten Streit

Advisory Board Member Sales

Thorsten has in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of sales methods given his over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. He is passionate about making people successful and loves to develop solutions for complex challenges – bringing together people, departments and whole organization. In his spare time, Thorsten and his acoustic guitar trio fire up fans.

Maximilian Wolf


Max is a true wizard when it comes to web design and WordPress. He also loves technology and green tea. His work as webmaster of Chillipicks allows him to combine all his passions and be part of a great team.