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Sustainable distance

Drones equipped with defibrillators can help save lives. Innovative air travel solutions are needed to revitalise our environment. A startup from Holland is aiming to create the first all-electric commuter aircraft by 2030. Their 44-seater plane is powered by 8 propeller engines, takes off thanks to an output of 8700 kW and has a range of 550km. Rapid recharging...

Airy composition

Gyro Gearloose was famous for his inventions. Take the amazing bread-buttering machine. How owls might have inspired him is anyone’s guess. Cue the latest design from an Alabama-based company that could have the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry. Its prototype has two engines mounted to the rear rather than under the wings. Its three pairs of wings are...

Fueled by aspiration

It’s an ingredient that’s already been used to make vodka. Not potatoes – but the gas responsible for global warming. A Swiss-based start-up is using clean energy to extract CO2 from the air already. The aviation industry accounts for 3% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Since battery-operated airplanes won’t take to the skies on the fly, the industry is...

Taking a cue-u-uuuuh

Flying free as a bird… a human dream that was first realized some hundred years ago or more. But compare the elegance of birds with that of their machine-based cousins, and it’s clear the aviation industry still has a long way to go. Using high-speed cameras and a gust generator, a team of researchers from the UK has conducted...

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