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Going green at the beach


Everybody likes fresh air and a good dose of oxygen. Humans, animals, plants, oceans. Technology, travel, and the involved energy production increase CO2 levels resulting in higher acid levels in oceans. Ask the bleached corals.

But how to capture and store CO2 securely?

One way is to employ technology to catch it directly from air. Another way is to work with nature herself. Rocks release minerals when water washes over them.

In a chemical reaction these minerals bind CO2 from the water and form rocks again. Hot and humid conditions accelerate the effect.

That’s why a project team is covering beaches in the Caribbean with a cheap green mineral called Olivine to feed the waves. And put a break on climate change.

There’s still much to be explored. Especially, how to use this on a large scale to reverse emissions.

Positive outcome provided, it’s time for Rock’n Roll.

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