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Superpower for heroes

What do superheroes do when their nemesis is on holiday? Relax? They would not be heroes. They keep on saving lives. Maybe inspired by Marvel action hero, Iron Man, a British firm has developed a gravity-defying suit, which stands to revolutionize mountain rescue. With the help of three micro-jet engines fixed to the sleeves and back, air is blown...

Can’t see the forest (f)or the trees

It seems that researchers at the Universities of Maryland and Colorado have the wood over their competitors – literally. Using a two-step eco-friendly bleaching method they have succeeded in making balsa wood transparent, a development made possible by the fast-growing mallow plant’s low density. The final product is not only more durable and lighter than glass but just as see-through....

The journey is the reward

Speed isn’t the be-all and end-all. A new navigation app aims to bring people safely to their destination and provide a little adventure along the way. Getting from A to B is still the thing, only now you can do so with added value. Whether you want to avoid unlit streets at night, take in a city’s tourist attractions...

Plug yourself in

The human body is a marvel, but who’d have thought we’d be able to use it as a means of generating electricity? Developments in the field of thermoelectricity mean that human beings will soon be able to produce green energy – through body heat. Though not entirely new, it’s a method which was previously regarded as inefficient. Now scientists...

Home free

Where do you go after ten years in prison with only $200 in your back pocket and no existing family ties? A US organization has taken it upon itself to provide an answer. ‘The Homecoming Project’ gives American citizens the chance to temporarily house recently released former prisoners. All that’s required is a spare room. Instead of winding up...

Waste not want not

Out with the old, in with the… old! As part of its attempt to clamp down on throwaway culture, German capital Berlin recently launched the first of a new breed of second-hand department stores. State-run B-Wa(h)renhaus comprises 650 square meters dedicated to bargain-priced clothing, furniture and electronic devices. Further stores are in the offing. Watch this space.

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