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Diversity & Ehtics

When it comes to making savings for the environment, the textile industry is way out in front.

Right now very few manufacturers have an eye on their products’ CO2 footprint, so how can we, as consumers, be expected to form our own judgements?

And yet, more and more people are turning their attentions to sustainable clothing – and responsible manufacturers are starting to recognize its potential.

A Stockholm-based company has developed an online calculator to support the concept and create a more transparent industry culture.

An individual footprint is derived from the manufacturer’s data on a product’s weight, the materials – and their country of origin – used in production, as well as factors such as energy consumed and transportation.

In this way price tags can soon display the emission costs of individual products for the benefit of consumers, leading to a more informed decision-making process.

Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘good buy’.

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