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Sustainable tolerance

Washing, showering, drinking – fresh water is needed for everything. Yet it only accounts for 2% of all water on Earth. It's also needed to grow vegetables, in future even more. Enter a Glasgow startup and their new farming method that is shaking up the industry by using... seawater instead. Some plants thrive in waters with a little extra...

It’s the yeast we can do

Who invented it? The Swiss, of course. Say hello to ‘Brauer AI’ (pronounced Brauerei – Brewery), an artificial intelligence devoted to helping its inventor discover new and refreshing types of beer. Tarzan to the jungle of beer recipes out there, it analyzes around 157.000 data sets. One output includes a citrus-based IPA that makes its rivals pale in comparison.

Party piece

For many, the island of Ibiza is synonymous with party culture. But as one twenty-four year old local entrepreneur has shown, there’s a lot more to the island’s energy. And his invention mixes well with people, too. It’s a biological battery partially hidden in the soil that, with the help of microorganisms, generates electricity for lights and sensors –...

Help from above

Knowing how to make fire catapulted mankind to the top of the food chain. And now, from our evolutionary summit, we find ourselves confronted with a different problem: knowing how to bring it under control. Wildfires are regularly devastating vast areas of land, a danger for animals and humans alike. In California recently drones were deployed for the first...

What price?

When it comes to making savings for the environment, the textile industry is way out in front. Right now very few manufacturers have an eye on their products’ CO2 footprint, so how can we, as consumers, be expected to form our own judgements? And yet, more and more people are turning their attentions to sustainable clothing – and responsible...

Less is more

From chipping come chips, and from food sales comes food waste. Excess production isn’t just causing bins to overflow, it’s also increasing CO2 levels. Now an American start-up hopes to create a better balance ratio. A special combination scale and camera measures the weight of food left over at the end of the day. This data is then analyzed...

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