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Out of space

A 4G network could soon be on the moon. And speaking of space, an American startup is bringing SMART and environmentally-friendly tyres developed by NASA back down to earth. Made from an alloy comprising nickel and titanium, the space agency designed the tyre to withstand rough terrain and extreme temperatures. Similar to chainmail, metallic wires are interwoven to form...

Clean-up circulation

If you have a picnic you take your rubbish with you when you go. Now a team of Florida University students is applying the same logic to space. Cleaning up what’s been left behind. The team is refining a satellite-like cube that picks up space trash with the help of integrated robots. Trash is brought closer to the earth...

Round the clock

The world doesn’t switch off, and more than ever we need innovative solutions for sustainable energy. Can the sun’s energy be used to generate electricity 24 hours a day, on a global scale? The answer is yes, using solar cells from space permanently inclined towards it. If coated with an ultra-light and strongly reflective membrane, thousands of satellites in...

No moonshine

It might not be quite as ambitious as Elon Musk’s vision of life on Mars, but it’s big news nonetheless. A Finnish telecommunications firm is planning to build a 4G system on the moon, enabling activities such as the remote controlling and coordinating of lunar rovers during future space missions. Running late for lunch during your EVA? Just call...

Peeing on the moon soon popular?

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a great economic recipe– even on the moon. European researchers, together with The European Space Agency, reached for the moon, literally, when thinking about ways to build astronauts’ work and sleeping quarters on the planet. Reduce shipping costs, they thought. Shop locally, they thought. Turns out this was a good concept. What they found...

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