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Energetic extract

Wine and shrimps are an ideal combination, particular in connection with chitin. These carbohydrates from crustacean shells aren’t just suitable for conserving foods; their potential is vast. Now, a research team from Maryland University has developed an electrolyte gel with chitosan - a bio-polymer extracted from chitin - for use in zinc batteries. In tests, their new battery showed...

Cool yield

Soon we could be flying electrically. Yet, with the use of electronics increasing, the need for precious metals is also on the rise. This approach could be helpful, but environmentally-friendly recycling is equally important. An American startup is using cold gases with free electrons, so-called low-temperature plasmas, to recover the desired materials from used lithium-ion batteries. Because lithium is...

Portable independence

Cycling, running and playing tennis are not just beneficial for our health. A new portable wind turbine designed by a Canadian startup, which focuses on sustainable research and development, also supplies electricity. Depending on the strength of the wind, the 1.3kg turbine can generate up to 40 watts. An aluminium tripod with tensioning cables keeps it firmly planted in...

Robust provision

Mobile solar beds help treat jaundiced babies. Still, in many parts of the world, energy remains in short supply. Now, with his Toronto-based startup, a Black founder is providing Nigerians a low-cost opportunity to rent portable batteries. Charging stations are powered by solar energy. The 200W batteries provide direct and alternating currents to power mobiles, PCs or small fridges,...

Moving exchange

Small EVs can squeeze into tight spaces. But not with an empty battery. Cue an Indian startup and its unique swapping system. It allows electric rickshaws to get back on the road in record time. Using wireless technology, charging stations only dispense batteries if they detect their own kind in nearby parked vehicles. A quick authentication process, and any...

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