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Robots to the rescue


Hand me the remote control, said the firefighter. Once bitten, twice shy is not something that naturally applies to them.

Some fires, however, thwart their heroic ambitions. Take chemical plants or large depots of highly combustible materials.

You never know what’s going to happen in the next second. How near you can get without putting people’s life at risk.

Containing the fire is crucial. Stopping leaks that would wreak havoc. Getting things under control.

A new breed of remote-controlled robots could roll in. A durable defense line against the danger.

Equipped with sensors, water or foam, firefighters can send them to the frontline from a safe distance.

Watchful eyes of drones can be deployed directly where the action is.

Don’t go near the fire, our parents always said. Firefighters might now be able to follow this advice.

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