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Speedy provision

Water with plant-based surfactants can contain smouldering fires faster. Now, a Michigan-based startup has developed a mobile solution to supply electricity quickly during outages caused by natural disasters. Their trailer is equipped with solar panels, a battery for storing electricity and a fuel cell powered by sustainable hydrogen. Thanks to augmented reality training, anyone can operate the system within...

Multi-layered reflection

An app helps us find quiet places. Meanwhile, an Austrian startup is working to create a digital wellness experience. Key to the enterprise are virtual reality and artificial intelligence, proven relaxation techniques, plus stimulation through smells, music and colour therapy. The time-out is tailored according to users’ activity level and pulse rate, as well as place and time of...

Improving provision

Encounters in the virtual world can have a major impact in reality. Now, a Hamburg startup is using mixed reality to improve provision in the medical industry. Their software converts CT scans or X-rays into 3D models, which can then be viewed with the help of augmented reality glasses. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the holograms can be split into...

Connecting experience

Birds are already benefiting from cross-border collaboration. Now a Berlin startup is using virtual reality to help firms remove barriers within teams. A training exercise based on artificial intelligence and research findings allows employees to test scenarios from a variety of perspectives. A pair of VR goggles, and users can experience life through the eyes of people of different...

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